Friday, March 09, 2007

Now I'm in trouble!

The other night Kate pulled the chair to the back door. I grabbed my camera and took 2 pictures. This is what I got in the order that I got them!!

Thankgoodness she doesn't have the strength yet to actually unlock the dead-bolt. But she has obviously seen us do it enough times that she knows the exact order you touch things to get the door open. What a little stink pot and smartie!!


Dawnyel said...

It's too early for this! Isn't it!?

Lou & Angela Harris Family said...

DANG! I'm so glad that Emma's short, but she's been climbing up on chairs too. She'll probably figure it out too soon too!! I won't show her the pictures! :) Clever little Kate!

Elise said...

She is such a clever little girl! It looks like she'll be keeping you on your toes for the rest of your life!