Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I got a new cell phone over the weekend. It came with a bluetooth ear piece. I am REALLY dumb when it comes to techno-gadgets so I don't really understand what "bluetooth" is. Carter must have overheard me asking Jarom about it and when he saw me opening the package he said, "Mom, what's that? Is it my looth-tooth?" It was SO funny!! This kid constantly has me cracking up.

His latest thing is to say, "Yes sir!" with a hand salute that goes over the back of his head, whenever I tell him to do anything. I'll tell him to put his plate in the sink and he'll salute and say, "Yes sir!", then off he goes. It's so blasted cute! I have NO clue where he has learned this one.


Dawnyel said...

That's so cute!! :)
Cam did that salute thing too!! Must be something they pick up...because I KNOW I don't do that!! (We taught him to say ma'am too, so it gets REALLY funny!)