Friday, March 02, 2007

Carter G is 3!!!

Little Carter G turned 3 today! I can hardly believe it's been 3 years since I had him. It has gone so quickly, yet I can't even remember a time without him. He is such a joy in our family and we have had nothing but fun with him. Here are a few highlights from the big day. The day started with opening a new T-Rex shirt to wear for his birthday. (Hopefully a fun shirt will encourage him to keep his clothes on!)

The party crew at Blast Off for lunch. Yummy Pizza Hut pizza and fun in the toys! Alyssa, Halle, MaKenna, Carter, and Harrison. Everyone had a great time except Halle. I'll post her story another time.

Gift from Harrison and MaKenna, a letter train puzzle and ring pops. (What kid doesn't love a ring pop?!!)
Looks like the Birthday Fairy found him. (Although he wouldn't go to bed the night before so the Fairy had to decorate in front of him.) Check out all those gifts!! What a spoiled little boy. He got some really fun things. Squishy dinosaurs from Halle, a collapsable ball from Alyssa, a Superman towel from Kate, a tractor, boxers, and matchbox car from Grammy and Grampy, a Lehi firgurine and first Book of Mormon from Grandma and Grandpa, a frog for the fishtank from Mimi and Bryon, a construction set from Kade and Deidra's family, and a shaving kit and baseball pitcher from Jarom and I. WHEW!! That was a lot.

This gift is a 3 in 1 baseball tee and pitcher. He LOVES it and we all had a ball giving it a try after the party. He really is good at baseball. It never ceases to amaze me. He didn't inherit my athletic ability that is for sure.

Carter insisted on a SpongeBob cake. We got this cake free from Cold Stone Creamery because of the mess up they made with my birthday cake. (It's a long story, ask me about it sometime if you're interested.) Anyway it was YUMMY! Devils Food cake with chocolate icecream and chocolate crunchy shavings. Mmmmm...mmmm...good!


Elise said...

Carter is such a little man! What a great birthday!!