Sunday, August 21, 2011

Josie Claire

My sister had her baby over the weekend! We are so excited to meet Josie. She's been highly anticipated at this house.
Little Miss Josie Claire just about 2 hours old. She weighed 6 lbs 13 oz. Such a tiny little peanut.

24 hours later and already starting to look different. They change so much in those first few hours.

I thought this was such a good picture of my mom, the proud Grammy, with adorable new Josie.

And here's a kid funny for you. While Emily was in labor, I was getting the updates on her progress. Halle overheard me say that she was 70% effaced. A little later she said, "I want to see the picture of Josie." I told her we didn't have one yet and that Josie was still not born. So Halle said, "But I thought you said her face was 70% out." LOLLL!!!


CB said...

I love the name Josie and she is beautiful!!

Gina said...

So sweet.

Lee Ann said...

So sweet and did you end up explaining effaced? :)