Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kid's Funnies

One of my family's most favorite parts about reading my blog books are the kid funnies that I've remembered to record. My kids love to hear the funny things they said when they were younger. I've not been so good about blogging lately and have missed so many precious little comments. I almost forgot to write the one Halle just gave us about Josie in the previous post. I've GOT to be better at keeping a record as I know how FAST these kiddos are growing up. So without further adieu, here are a few funnies I can remember from the recent past. Most are from Kate as she is the one currently in that stage where funny things come out of her mouth just about every time she opens it.

Kate, last night in the family prayer, "Please bless us not to do naughty things, like say we need to go potty but go do something else." Hmmmm....sounds to me she was ratting herself out. LOL! But I'm glad she thought to pray for strength to overcome her temptation.

Kate, bawling her head off because she is in trouble with dad. "Dad says he's going to spank me!" Me, "Well, what did you do?" Kate, "All just because I showed Carter my crack of doom." Crack-of-doom, are you kidding me??? Apparently this is my kids' new term for rear end. How does a parent not laugh?

Carter keeps stealing Kate's teeny little pink bike to ride around the block. It makes Kate FURIOUS when he's riding her bike. I asked him why he kept insisting on riding his little sister's GIRL bike. His response, "Because it can do sweet wheelies."

Alyssa while watching the movie "Anastasia", "I know why it's called 'Anastasia'. Because she GETS anastasia." Me, "She gets AMNESIA sis." LOL!


Lee Ann said...

Those are so funny! So glad you're writing them down. They are always fun to look back on.

Our Family said...

Those are priceless!! One time when Alyssa was tiny, we were babysitting her and took her with us when Kelani had to go get her immunizations. We were all in the room with her and when the nurse came in, Alyssa started crying and said, "I'm not ready!!" She thought we were there so she could get shots! It was so sad/cute!

becky ward said...

oh these are all fantastic!

Jennifer said...

too funny!