Monday, August 29, 2011

This and That

Things around this house are crazy as usual. With school back in full swing, it also means the mom taxi is back in full swing. Unfortunately the actual "taxi" is in the shop, getting a new transmission. Boo. And just for a double boo, the warranty ran out exactly 329 miles ago. So there goes $2200 out of our pockets. We were so hoping to go to Disneyland this Fall, but it may need to wait until Spring or next Fall now.

Speaking of school, I just had to include this darling picture of Kate. I think it screams kindergarten. My mother-in-law made the darling jumper. So fun!

We decided to go huckleberry picking with some of Jarom's family for Labor Day. (We usually just go on our own, and I'm SO glad we didn't.) When we pulled into our spot, Jarom's brother told us that our truck had sprung a leak about a mile back. We looked underneath, and sure enough, something was pouring out of the engine. Turns out it was transmission fluid. So Jarom's dad ended up towing us all the way home. I hate being towed as it is, but being towed on mountain, gravel, single lane about white knuckles. It was all good though, and we made it to the mechanic just fine. Now we wait for it to be fixed, and in the mean time, I'm borrowing my parent's Suburban. I know it's not that much bigger than my Expedition, but it feels HUGE to me. I'm driving it on an as needed basis only.

On a different note, Jarom was put in the bishopric a couple weeks back. This in a very short nutshell means that he, the new bishop, and the other counselor are in charge of our ward/church family and how it all functions. It also means that he sits on the stand in front of the congregation on Sundays and not on the pew with the kids and I. Which, alone with the kids and their behaviour at church. It's going to take some getting used to.

Carter was extremely emotional on the day of this event. He cried the entire meeting. He cried about Dad's new calling. He cried about the old bishop moving on. He cried about Dad not sitting with us. He cried about getting older. (He ALWAYS cries about that. Poor kid.) He just cried and cried. And of course, his unprepared crazy mother didn't have a kleenex for him. But don't you worry, I did have a dirty old sock in my purse for him to wipe his eyes and nose with. Which he did.

And last but not least for today's update, the rabbits.
Lest you think I'm crazy for carrying old socks in my purse....I'll prove you wrong. I'm crazy because I thought getting 4 bunnies was going to be okay. This morning we entertained the neighbors while we ran like chickens with our heads cut off, waving rakes and brooms and handfuls of carrots, trying to catch the rabbits who had escaped during the night. The lawn mowers came yesterday and I forgot to move the log back in front of our gate. Stupid rabbits....why can't they understand how good they have life in my backyard and just be happy with that? made for an eventful morning to say the least.

So as you can see, we are doing swell and everything is as normal as it always is at our place.


Deanna said...

I wish I could slip a copy of your "mr. mcgreggor garden" stories to steve during sacrament meeting. I wont. But he'd have to laugh. right?

You rock. I want to be as awesome as you some day. :)

Lee Ann said...

Never a dull moment. Disney vs. transmission= ARRRGGGGHHHHH. So sorry about that.

We give our neighbors the same kind of show - only chickens instead of rabbits. It's always good to entertain others :)

Our Family said...

Cool! Tell Jarom congratulations for us! Now your kids get to discover the joy of being glared at from the stand when they get too rowdy in church (except, I'm sure they're much better behaved than we were/are)!! :D
I love your stories! Life there sounds great in all the ways it happens!

becky ward said...

i love this post. kate looks adorable in that jumper. and SO SORRY to hear about your "truck". BOO!
and poor carter. owen is crying about everything lately too. it's making me crazy. and way to be prepared mom with an old sock! (: LOL!

The CEO said...

Bummer about the vehicles. I HATE car trouble. I will be sending happier thoughts your way. I can't believe your towing story...SCARY!!

Brent just got out of the bishopric, so I totally relate to how you are feeling. Speaing from experience, somehow, you acclimate, and it will be OK!! :)

We miss you guys!!! Shanna

Mama Williams said...

Always eventful! I hope we can chat on Monday. I'm not working and would love to catch up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this post! I was laughing the entire time I read it! I want to be your neighbor so I can watch you chase bunnies in the early morning! :)

The Manwaring Family said...

Kaylin- guess I wasn't signed in?!