Monday, August 15, 2011

An "Amazing" Gregg Reunion

For our Gregg Manwaring Reunion, we went to Logan. Katie and Chris were our hosts this year and they did a fabulous job.

We started out with an impressive pizza party. We each provided a pizza or two and we were able to sample almost all of Logan's finest. (I think my favorite was from the Fox Den pizza.)

Then we headed to Clarkston, UT for the Martin Harris Pageant.

The next morning we were informed that we had to turn in all phones and electronic devices.

Then we were split into teams and began "The Amazing Race".

A couple of cute members from my very own red team.

After completing a puzzle and finding the correct year on a penny, we all raced to the bus stop where the teams were evened up again.

Poor little Izzy took a tumble and didn't love her portion of the bus ride.

After a quick bus ride (in which the bus driver toyed with us in trying to decide which door to open first) we hopped off and made a mad dash for WalMart.

We sprinted through WalMart (where I'm sure everyone thought we were crazy) and met 3 different people to complete this task.

We race all over town (laws may or may not have been broken; we're a competitive bunch) doing different challenges.

Here's Alyssa ice blocking on the Utah State Campus.

At one point we all ended up at the same park for a quick lunch break.

Gregg and Anna were married in 1973. For our lunch challenge we had to spend $19.73 (if we got it exact we got extra time) on things to share for lunch. Just about everyone had the same idea, and I've never seen so many McD's burgers and Arby's roast beef sandwiches in my life. It was a fast food lovers paradise for lunch.

During the lunch break, poor little Mia got a make over with the bottle scrub brush. What a good sport she is.

As soon as lunch was done the race was back on with a boat building competition.

Go Boat Go! After the boat race things really heated up. The finish was close and everyone could feel it. I hear there was a knock down, wrestle on the ground, drag out right in the cemetery from some teams. (Good thing the grave was of a family member.)

I'm not going to mention any names, but these pants sure did get dirty. Ahemmmm... (And yes, the poor trampoline suffered from entertaining 50 people for the weekend.)

For the final task we had to eat an entire sink full of ice cream. I've never eaten ice cream so fast in my life. The kids on my team were so darling. They had major brain freeze, tears running down their faces, but they kept on eating. We could FEEL victory!

And who were the winners, by only a few seconds??? That's right, the RED TEAM WINS!!

After such an intense race, some popsicles were in order.

Even Natalie's Charlie got to have a popsicle.

What a FUN reunion this was! GREAT JOB Katie and Chris, I'm not sure anyone will ever be able to top this one.


Mama Williams said...

Wow! Now that's a lot of planning. Looks fun- except eating ice cream fast! I don't care for brain freeze.

LouandAngela said...

Man! What a clever bunch you all are!