Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School!'s time for school! Just like that, summer is over!
I have a jr high kid this year!

Seventh grade for Alyssa. I think I'm still in shock about this. She thought she was going to have to share a locker, but much to her surprise this morning, her locker partner was reassigned. She's so excited to have her own now. She said school was fun, but really scary, and she had to have Rachel help her open her locker 3 times. Hopefully she'll catch on to that.

I have a 5th grader!

I ran into her as I was taking Kate to class, and she said school was already boring. Oh boy. This is her first year in a traditional classroom (as opposed to spectrum) so we are all anxious to see how it goes.

I have a studly 2nd grader.

Such a handsome little man, with ultra long hair. (But Aunt Mimi went and had a baby on the day he was scheduled for a cut. How dare she! ;) ) Thank goodness he's my easy going kid. I accidentally left his backpack at Back to School night last week and we walked off this morning without his art project he was supposed to hand in. What a way to start off, but he took it all in stride and had a great day.

And last but not least, I have a kindergartner! Yep, ALL my babies are in school this year. This is just the craziest thing ever. Today I got to go with her, tomorrow we shall see if I cry or party. Maybe a little of both.

I love how the back pack is as big as she is. She is PM kindergarten, and man the clock CRAWLED for her this morning. She was SO excited. I think she is going to LOVE school.

What a GREAT bunch of kids I have; man I love them. Here's to a wonderful year for all of them!


Gina said...

Right behind you, Mama. This year all of my kids (except the loaner baby) are in school full time. I shall party.

Grammy said...

Yay! Finally pictures. I have been waiting all day to see their first day pics. I cannot believe how big they have gotten. And I agree that they are a GREAT bunch of kids.

Mama Williams said...

It gets really exciting when the youngest in is 1st grade. Then you can go out to lunch for 3 hours with girl friends like I did today! I miss my kids when they go, but we're all ready and happy. I'm glad to have a clean house and I'm glad they come home and mess it up! That's called bittersweet I think.

CB said...

Your kids are all so beautiful! It sounds like they are off to a great start.
That backpack on you little one is stinkin' cute!!

Deanna said...

Oh, my goodness! Kate could fit IN her backpack! LOL!

I have a feeling you'll be plenty busy still, despite all your babies being in class. :)

Congrats! You made it! LOL!

becky ward said...

they all look AWESOME! i can't believe who different halle looks. enjoy yourself today!(:

Our Family said...

Wow!!! They're growing up like crazy! And they're all adorable/beautiful. We sure miss you guys!!

Brandon and Emily said...

You do have great kids! I can't believe how big they are getting! Yay for back to school!

Sherrie said...

They do look really grown up! I hope you party.

LouandAngela said...

7th grade? Isn't that about where you feel stuck in time? Weren't we just barely in 7th grade together? How can she be that old?

Your kids all look so adorable--ready for their first day of school. Man, I think I'd be partying if I were you. I feel like I'll never experience the freedom of having all my children in school. Oh well--I guess it's my own dang choice. Ugghh!

Kelani said...

tell alyssa i know how she feels with the lockers!
I've tried a couple times on mine when i go for choir, and it just doesn't want to cooperate!! :)