Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Holley and Eva Reunion 2011

For the Holley reunion this year, we went to Holley and Eva's hometown of Blackfoot, ID.
We loaded up on buses and took a tour of all the places that meant something in the Manwaring's lives.

Grandma Eva was our tour guide.

It was a good time, especially when the full bus load of people stopped in front of some house and the current residents came out on the porch to stare at us. So funny...but I'm sure you had to be there.

After the bus tour it was time to play at Jensen's Grove.

Maddy wasn't afraid of the water one tiny bit. Alyssa and Halle were good sports to keep an eye on her.

Torie and Peyton needed a little more air in their raft. (And maybe a paddle on the end of the stick they were using as an oar.)

Why is sand so much fun?! I don't think I'll ever get the sand out of Halle's suit.

Becky found a nice place to keep watch.

And the kids created a sand and river water spa. I think people pay BIG bucks for this kind of treatment.


CB said...

OK wait! So your family loaded up on a bus and went on a tour led by Grandma Eva? That is stinkin' cool!!! I mean seriously!!

Our Family said...

That is super cool!! I love all the neat things your family does together. Looks like a blast!

Lee Ann said...

Looks like you've had lots of fun! I love that Grandma was the tour guide.