Sunday, February 21, 2010

Singing Time Sundays - Chalkboard pictures

So today was one of those EXTREMELY unplanned days. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do for singing time. In fact I was digging through my stuff during the prelude music to find the hearts from last week to see if I could kind of do a review with them. Well, the hearts were no where to be found (they appeared later at the bottom of the abyss I call my bag) so I grabbed some chalk from the library and improvised.

I let the kids come up and draw a picture to represent each phrase of the song. And then we sang it. Remember last week how I said I didn't feel like the kids knew the song quite yet? Well, they surprised me today. They do know it and pretty well.

They had fun drawing the pictures (I mean, have you ever met a kid who doesn't love chalk and a chalkboard?) and as I erased them I thought, "I really should have taken a picture of these for my blog before I erased them." The kids are such better artists than I am.

We are working on the last phrase of the song, holding the word "ask" the right length and cutting off together so we don't get a bunch of snakes singing. I pretended to judge them like they were in the Olympics for how well they did the cut off. Boy, they REALLY wanted that gold medal. I didn't give it to them right off either. They had to work for, but they eventually accomplished it and I think next week we'll be able to sing the song the whole way through without visual helps.

As a side note, I always throw in a couple of wiggle songs for jr primary. They need it. I'll do it right in the middle of learning the new song if I have to. We get our wiggles out, then calm down and are ready to focus again.