Friday, February 12, 2010

Sharing the love.

Just got back from Carter's Valentine class party.
He's being such a nice boy, sharing his loot with Kate.
Notice the lazy mom "box"in the background?
Yah, I just cut out some hearts and his name and he glued them to a bag.
It worked.
And I think he had a GREAT Valentine's party.

(Now, we go to the DREADED dentist again, in 3 hours, and pull out the tooth that is abscessing. Happy Valentine's kid,uggghhh.)
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Deanna said...

THinking of you and Carter today! :)

I banned candy at our lasted 13 minutes. :) Tanner just ate a bag of peanutbutter m&m, 3 chocolate kisses, and had apple juice for lunch. We ROCK. LOL!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

We had to make a box for Madalyn's class Valentine exchange. And after we sent it in, I asked her about what the other kids had brought. One just brought in an empty kleenex box. Madalyn said it had flowers on it. So. Um. Carter's bag was miles above in effort!

Poor Carter having to go to the dentist on Valentine's did it go??

Deidra Smith said...

What a good kid. I was impressed when Kayson shared his with Brylee and Brancyn too, maybe they are learning something we are trying to teach them:)

Lee Ann said...

Hope he enjoyed that candy! :) (I posted something today :)

Melissa said...

My kids actually got to make a mailbox in art class this week! They turned out really cute! And your girls with their eye masks are so adorable!

By the way, I'm Melissa. I stopped over from Kat's blog. I see your comments on so many of the blogs I follow, so I thought, it is time. I need to check this girl out!

Gina said...

I usually confiscate all the candy and dole it out s-l-o-w-l-y. I think this year I will just let them eat it all today. The sugar coma should wear off by Monday.

Trish said...

Believe it or not, my kids mostly got CHIPS for Valentine's day. Is that a new trend? I can't tell you how many Dorito's bags we've tossed this weekend!

Tonya said...

Sorry to hear about your dentist troubles... but someone's little sister looks like they are in heaven!