Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keagen's Baptism

We went to Utah last weekend to witness Keagan's baptism. He looked so handsome in his new suit and tie. We are so excited and proud of him!

Getting together with family is always an exciting event. This trip didn't disappoint. The little boys of our family (and we have MANY little boys...10 to be exact) have entered a new phase of life. They love each other immensely, but this weekend there was more scrap fighting going on than ever before. From Mike Tyson bitten ear attempts, wild cats claws, and good old fashion TKO's, these boys were bloodied and bruised. I couldn't help but laugh at them sitting in a row at church, each with a battle wound attesting to the weekend of togetherness. The funny thing that after all is said and done and the crying has stopped, they go right back to being best friends again.


The Manwaring Family said...

Cute Picture! I didn't get one picture all weekend!

Wendy said...

Love it. Boys. ♥

Sorry I missed you when you were down here. Let's get together the next time you're down this way.

Trish said...

Love that.

Mayzie and Nevan fight like bitter rivals, but the worst punishment I can dole is to separate them. It's pure agony. Funny, actually. :)