Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some more tags.

Jewelle tagged me a little while ago to give a few quirky things about myself. And before that Julie tagged me to do a similar thing. Then I saw Kat's 7 things list which I thought was kind of fun. So I've decided to sort of combine my quirks into a 7 things list. Hope you don't mind me tweaking a bit Jewelle and Julie.

7 things I can't do

  • draw or paint or color or anything artistic; not even stick people
  • the splits; never have been able to
  • remember song lyrics; crud I don't even HEAR the song lyrics
  • decorate; I just don't have an eye for what would go well together
  • remember historical facts; even after I've visited a historically rich place such as Boston
  • watch sad animal movies; Born Free is seriously the worst movie I've EVER seen, next in line is Fox and the Hound
  • keep my bedroom clean, or my laundry room; I just shut the door to those rooms

7 things I do well

  • keep my blog updated
  • find the good in people
  • laugh
  • procrastinate
  • cook
  • irritate my husband (but he still loves me)
  • remember phone numbers

7 things I have never done

  • eaten caviar
  • been skydiving
  • been hospitalized for an illness, knock on wood
  • held or touched a tarantula or any kind of spider
  • been scuba diving
  • cooked a turkey or whole chicken
  • run a 5K, 20k, or any type of K

7 things I want to do

  • go to Australia
  • lose weight
  • sing with a talented choir again
  • see a show on Broadway
  • learn photography
  • get organized
  • live a long healthy life with my hubby by my side


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh, I should have used your "can't draw" as on of mine. Even my stick figures are bad. I have no artistic flair at all. Probably why I don't like crafts. But for some reason, I can put things together (house decorating wise) - and I have a great flair for what colors would look good.

Thanks for doing the meme. It was fun. Although I had to ask my husband for his input. :-)

Lee Ann said...

we could be twins with the first seven! I was just snickering to myself "me too!"

becky ward said...

glad you decided to do it. i love things like this! i had no idea you couldn't remember song lyrics. shocking! (: i can't remember ANYTHING!

Emily said...

I am so bad at answering tags, but I love to read them. Your answers were awesome. AND, I love your dream home blog post. What a gorgeous house.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

There are so many things on there that are the same as me that I was begining to wonder if you are the Queenie? Great list.

Unknown said...

We learn something new everyday! I am surprised you can't remember song lyrics, I though all good singers could! Like I said, learn something new everyday!

Miki said...

Ooooooh, I can't wait to talk to you this week. It's all about this post.....

Oh, do I have a question FOR YOU!!

Jewelle said...

I have to laugh that you listed can't decorate on your list! I just looked at your BYU post and noticed that I LOVED how you had hung your kids pictures and your FHE sign. I wanted to copy it! Then you say you can't decorate. Does that mean I can't decorate either? HEHEHEHE

Jewelle said...
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Brenda said...

I love to read these kinds of tags! It is so interesting the things you assume about people, I also am shocked about the lyrics thing! Are you sure??? Also LOVE your house plan! Maybe in my dreams.....Oh, and I also love your menu ideas on the blog. I can't ever think of what to cook, so I love the ideas!!!

Elise said...

I love this! I'm going to do it, too-- I have a couple of other ones I need to catch up. Man I am getting to be the laziest blogger in the world!!

I think it's so cute that you can't watch sad animal movies!