Friday, September 12, 2008

The House Plan Tag

A little while ago Elise did such a fun tag and shared a picture of her dream home. I am a LOVER of house plans. (It's a disease I inherited from my mother. She had several drawers full of house plan books, grid lined papers sketched with her own versions, rulers, pencils, and protractors, and my dad even made a couple of miniature scale models of their dream homes.) I probably own half a dozen books with house plans in them. I have even created several of my own plans. Sneaking in to half constructed homes or peaking in to uninhabited houses is a favorite past time of mine.

I'm being honest when I say that I feel like I live in my dream home. It has everything we wanted and then some. But I'd be lying if I said it put my house plan fetish to sleep by living here. And of course after living in a place, I can always think of something I would do differently next time around.

This is the current house plan of choice. I've printed it off and it sits affectionately in the top drawer of my night stand. I can't really say that I'm "dreaming" of the day I get to live in it, because I honestly don't have that desire. But if I ever do build a house, I hope to get to build this plan. (Today anyway, it could change tomorrow.)

plan #17-2133 from

I would love to see all of your dream home plans. So tag you're all it! (Especially Lee Ann, I would LOVE to see the home you'll be building. If you have a plan yet.)


Lee Ann said...

I had to laugh through that whole thing! I too love house plans and have been drawing them on graph paper as long as I can remember.

I'm not able to put our house plan up yet (it's still in drawing form) but the lower floor is INCREDIBLY similar to the one you posted. In fact I'm going to look at that one closer to see if I can get more ideas!

Lee Ann said...

Ok, so the closer I look, the more I realize I shouldn't have used capital letters on "incredibly" because there are some "big" differences. The MB is in the wrong spot and so on, so lets just say there are some MAJOR similarities :-)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Wow I love that house but unless it comes with it's own built in maid I just cannot do it.

So glad that you are living in your dream house.

Jennifer P. said...

I still keep all my dream English cottage plans tucked away, but if I never have to leave here--I'll still be happy ;). As long as I require no more plumbing work!

Hey--how do you get to be a follower of someone's blog? I want to be one of yours!!!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer- when you sign in, on your dashboard there is a place that says something like "blogs you are following". You just scroll down until you see the "add" button, then type in the urls of the blogs you want to stay updated on.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I knew we were kindred spirits. I could look at houseplans all day. And going to model homes is such a fun way to while away an afternoon. I get so many cool ideas. And then get very jaded about my own house :-)

Elise said...

Oooh, I LOOOOOVE it! I actually love your house now, too. I love the outside of this one-- almost rustic. I also love that the master bedroom is so huge! A kid's nook-- what a cool idea!