Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Holiday

I am sure you are all just dying to know what I did over Labor Day weekend. No? Well, I'm telling you anyway. We (my entire family) went to Yellowstone National Park. This is something we do every year at least once. Yellowstone is only 2 hours away; it's practically in my backyard. I absolutely love it there. It's an amazing place that I wish everyone could visit at least once. This year, I didn't take as many "scenic" photos as I usually do. I just got a few shots of everyone doing the "Yellowstone thing". Other than Carter burning his poor little hand (two nasty blisters on his fingers) on a steaming bowl of cobbler (He was trying to smash a bug and landed his hand in hot cobbler instead.), we had a safe and enjoyable trip.

All of us at the campsite.

Mimi and Kate waiting to hike. We had perfect weather the first day. The second day got a little chilly, rainy, and windy. And the third day was down right cold with a little flurry of snow during the night. Summer has definitely come and gone in Yellowstone.

This year was extra special because my dorky brother Quin and his wife Natalie came. They live in far away So. Cal. I think there is a picture just like this from every vacation I've ever been on with Quin.

Walking the "Mud Volcano" trail. There are a lot of boiling pots of mud and water on this short hike.

But the cool sights come with a price. A certain "Yellostoney" smell. Sulfur. Kate was kind enough to help everyone plug their noses.

While we were in Mammoth (a little town in Yellowstone), we had a bit of excitement when a woman tried to get out of a car and the driver didn't know she was getting out. She fell and hit her head really hard and then the driver (her son-in-law) ran over her foot. This happened directly behind where my vehicle was parked so we got a bird's eye view of the action. (I hope she's okay.)

Cute little Brancyn hanging out in his hat. He's about 2 months old and my favorite age for babies. He smiles and coos and it's just the cutest thing.

Carter looking for the Otter at Trout Lake. This is my most favorite hike in Yellowstone. A short but fairly strenuous jaunt up a hill brings you to a secluded lake filled with HUGE trout. There is also a family of Otters that live here, but we didn't see them this year.

Mom, Natalie, Deidra, Dad, and Emily getting ready to walk around Trout Lake.

The bridge at Trout Lake.

We'll see you next year Yellowstone!


Jonathan & Rachel said...

The nose plugging is SO FUNNY! You always take such great pictures!

Miki said...

I love your writings in the beginning:

"I am sure you are all just dying to know what I did over Labor Day weekend. No? Well, I'm telling you anyway."


It was good to see a picture of Quin. Did he take it of himself or did you take that one? I thought, as I saw it, if Elena took this one, I think these two have a good relationship. Am I not supposed to say that sort of thing here? Sorry...

Besides, maybe Quin took the shot of himself, and that would only mean that Quin has a good relationship with himself.

Do I always have to come up with these weird topics? Anyway, fun trip. Sorry to hear about poor little Carter. Accidents happen gosh dang.

Elena said...

Miki- LOL! Acutally I was trying to take a picture of everyone standing down the hill and Quin hurried and stuck his head in my camera just as I took the picture. It was funny. And yes, I do have a good relationship with him.

Lynda said...

Thanks for stopping by my place in Texas via BATW today! You're the child of one of us, so you must be good people :-) What an exciting vacation you had, too!

Unknown said...

Hey Elena, I guess I didn't realize that we have something in common...my brother's name is Quinn also! Kinda funny. I enjoy stalking your blog, sounds like a fun vaca...time to get back to the "swing" of thing though hu?

Mama Williams said...

Ooo! I'm so jealous! Yellowstone is my favorite. I know you go every year. Good for you! But, When do I get invited along? I am family ya know, hee hee!

becky ward said...

YES we want to know! are you kidding?! so glad you had a nice time! yellowstone is such a great place. and those pictures of kate plugging everyone's noses is hillarious!

LouandAngela said...

Ah. . .makes me miss the place! Looks like you had a great time.

Emily said...

Wait..... wait! Where are the morning snow pictures? Where are they I am dying to see them! I am dying to see them!

I am just laughing over everyone all bundled up in their coats... was it really that cold. We are sizzling over here, send some our way!

Elena said...

Emily- Sorry to disappoint you! The snow didn't actually stay on the ground, it just flurried in the air. But yes, it WAS that cold to need to be bundled. I'd gladly send you some if I could. :)

Jennifer P. said...

fun, fun, fun, fun!!! How is that I have lived in Idaho all my life, and spent 2 years in Eastern Idaho and have NEVER been to Yellowstone! It's an abomination!

Love seeing pictures of your big family in action! Quin just looks like a big, fun goofball. And the baby---ooooooh! Love the nose-plugging pictures too! What a cutie that Kate is!

I think I'm just about ready to end my blogcation.....tomorrow :)!

Yours was, of course, the first blog I checked on :)!

Brenda said...

Looks like a fun trip!! I have not done the Yellowstone thing in years! Maybe we will have to put it on our list for next year! Your little Kate looks like such a sweetie!!! Just so you know, I certainly was wondering what you were doing for Labor Day weekend:)