Monday, October 01, 2007

Eli & Carter

All of my nephews are cute, but Eli tugs at my heart strings a bit more than usual. Simply for the fact that he looks SO much like my little Carter did as a baby. It's like having Carter all over again. I just love snuggling Eli and nuzzling my face in his furry little head. Jarom says no more kids for us, so I guess Eli will have to give me my baby fix.

Eli at his blessing about 6 weeks old.

Carter after his first haircut about 6 weeks old. (Looks like Carter has Eli beat in the jowls department.)


Elise said...

There really are very few things cuter than Manwaring babies!

becky ward said...

I can't believe how similar they are. Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

No wonder I wanted to hold Eli the other night.