Thursday, October 25, 2007


Halle has ALWAYS been fascinated by religion. She loves to learn about different beliefs and comes up with some crazy ones of her own. In her class they are studying the world and consequently religious beliefs.

So this morning, she was asking me all sorts of questions about every religion imaginable. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable, but only minimally. I was making sure that I got the point across that even though some people don't believe the same things we do, there are still many good people and many good religions that teach wonderful things. Then she says, "I sure would like to know one of those Boods."
Me-"A who? Do you mean a Buddhist?"
Halle- "Yeah. What do the Budapests believe?"

I am pretty sure she meant Buddhist, but she is studying the world, so she could have meant Budapest too. It was so funny.


Jonathan & Rachel said...

That is so funny! I talked to Michelle the other day and she said she is having the best time with Halle and that she has just blossomed! What a crack up-sometimes the stuff she says really does remind me of Mrs. Ball-they are a perfect match for sure!

Elena said...

Rachel--Did you know Michelle and Halle even share the same birthdate? How crazy is that!!

Jennifer P. said...

I don't know if your kids ever watch Teletubbies, but there's an episode that's been on for years where the movie that comes up on the teletubbie's stomach shows a little buddhist boy and his sister going to their temple (?). Inside they're having some kind of festival and there are huge piles of cakes and cookies that the people are offering to one of their gods. My kids couldn't get over that. "We don't have a thousand cakes at our church!" Yeah, they wanted to be buddhists for a while too! Long comment, I know. Halle definately has the imagination of a second child!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer--I totally know which Teletubbie's episode you're talking aboout. Except, in my mind they are Hindu. Guess I need to watch for that one again.

Jennifer P. said...

oh that's right. Hindu. They have cake at church and holy cows. Buddhists are bald with the rub the belly thing. (Actually I'm not as culturally insensitive as I seem!)