Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poor Baby Seal

The other night we were out at my folk's house. Carter came running in saying that Sadie (my dad's dog) was eating an "aminoe" (aka animal). So we all went out to see what she had. At first I thought it was just a mouse, but upon closer inspection, I realized it was hairless and had a long tail. We figured out that it was probably a baby squirrel. It must have fallen from a nest or something, I've NEVER seen a baby squirrel. Anyway, it was already dead, so my dad just got rid of it. As we were walking back in the house Carter said, "Ooohhh (with his shoulders slumped) poor little baby seal!" It was so sweet and funny. He's got such a tender little heart. Man I love that kid!


Anonymous said...

HAAAA! That is great! Carter is such a cutie! Your kids are so cute they almost make us want some.