Friday, August 31, 2007

8 Elena-isms

Okay, I know I said the last post would be my last one until I leave, but I have been tagged twice to do this one, so I will.

1. The best time of day is when all my kids are in bed sleeping and I can walk past their rooms and hear them breathing contendedly.

2. I am a blog addict. I check everyday, several times a day. I LOVE to read all your posts and re-read my own. How's that for narcissistic?

3. I hate cleaning house, except vacuuming. It gives me a sense of accomplishiment when I vacuum a room. Probably because the floor has to actually be clean to vacuum.

4. I love to eat. Besides seafood, there are very few foods I don't like. And not only do I love to eat, I love to feel absolutely stuffed when I am finished.

5. I, like Emily, love to read medical information books and self diagnose myself and others. And the majority of times, I am right. (I should be a doctor.) :)

6. I tend to be a pessismist, but am working really hard to change this about myself.

7. I really enjoy to read fiction thrillers and have read every book Dan Brown has written. Thankfully I have a brother-in-law (Kevin) who enjoys this same genre and passes on good reads.

8. I have a GIANT fear of spiders, especially ones with big bodies and legs. YUCK!

So there are my 8-isms and you feel so inclined to do the list, (remember I check EVERY day), please consider yourself TAGGED! :)


becky ward said...

HOw about that! I learned something new about you (fear of spiders). You crack me up (you narc)! (;

Elise said...

I can't picture you as a pessimist, no matter what you say. And spiders are nasty, especially the big ones. Are you checking blogs from Hawaii? :)