Monday, August 20, 2007

The girls' first day at school report.

The girls came home from school rip-roaring ready to go tomorrow. The each had a wonderful day. (WHEW!)

Alyssa came home with a packet full of to-do's, which she promptly took care of. She started demanding that I "sign her planner" immediatly. It's a notebook that they bring home each day and I have to sign to say I looked at it. And if I "forget to sign it, Mrs. Barlow will CALL you right at home!" Alyssa takes everything completely serious when it comes to school. I am very grateful for this attribute, but sometimes it takes all I have to calm her down about things.

Halle has talked non-stop about Mrs. Ball. As I have stated before, this pairing is perfect. It was confirmed even more so today. They seem to share the same sense of humor. We've heard stories of how Mrs. Ball said, "if someone has a little toot-toot, then you can laugh ONLY if that person laughs." (Halle laughs EVERY time she retells this rule.) And we've also heard the story of when Mrs. Ball was a little girl, she forgot to potty before recess and when she was swinging "she peed her pants and pee went spraying all over the place." (Again hilarious laughter from Hal.) The bond has formed already, I am so excited!


The Manwarings said...

Oh, I love Halle! That girl has so much perosnality. I hope she continues to enjoy her class. Maybe she can get Ellie excited for first grade, we're struggling a little there.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

How fun-it's only beginning, Mrs. Ball is full of fun and funny stories!! Mrs. Barlow will be great too!! They'll both have good years-whew!

Mama Williams said...

That is the funniest! I am so glad you are off to a good start.

becky ward said...

Sounds like great matches for both of them. Halle cracks me up!

Elise said...

Elena, you are a kick-A blogger! I've been MIA for a few days, and come back to find all sorts of hilarious posts from you. So great!

I love Halle's teacher! Every kindergarten needs someone like her-- what a great way to start Halle's school experience!