Friday, August 24, 2007

Dinner Conversation

Warning: Parental Discretion Advised

Last night for dinner we had a meal called Hobo Meatball Stew. (Not the best, but works when you're hungry.) Anyway, Jarom was trying to get the kids to eat and being his sarcastic and once in a blue moon, crude self, said, "Eat those hobo balls."
Alyssa--"Daaaaaadddd! Don't say that!" Of course I was slightly taken back by her comment and thought "Oh boy! Is she old enough now to know this kind of bodily humor???!!"
Jarom--"What's wrong with hobo balls Alyssa?"
Alyssa--"Because hobo's are spiders and it grosses me out!" (WHEW! Not old enough yet!)
Jarom--"No, hobos are bums that ride on trains."
Halle--"What?! Hobos are butts that can get on trains??" (So we've gone from body parts to spiders, to rear ends (more body parts) all in 3 seconds.)

It was hilarious! We finally told them the term "homeless" and they figured it out.


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See. . .that's why it's so important to eat meals together as a family! The great conversations you have over the years!