Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kite string and birds - not a good combo!

Last year a kite flew into our yard. The string was so long that it had draped over the roof of our house and the kite had fallen to the ground. We tried to pull the string down, but it was wrapped around something on the roof and we couldn't get it all down. It wasn't bothering us so we just left it alone.

Well, today, I glanced out my kitchen window and saw a poor, helpless bird dangling from the string. At first I thought it was dead and about died myself. (I DO NOT touch dead things!) But as I got closer to it, the bird panicked and tried to fly away. Well, it's poor wing was tangled in the kite string and it was stuck. It was like one of those flying toys you see that hang from the ceiling and they spin around and around. The bird was doing that trying to avoid my head, and not avoiding my window very well. I am sure if any of the neighbors looked out the window they thought I was crazy, screaming, ducking, trying to calm myself, and trying to grab the bird all at once.

I finally managed to grab hold of the string and then caught the bird, but when I tried to untangle it's wing realized I wasn't going to be able to without the help of some scissors. So, I broke the string above the bird and brought it into the house. The poor thing was terrified, but it was as if it knew I was trying to help it. It laid so still in my hand while I slowly tried to untangle the string. Thankfully, Jarom came home right at this moment and was able to cut the string while I held the wing open.

All was going so well. Jarom stepped into the closet to change his clothes, and I tried to turn the bird over to get the last bit of string loose from the underside of the wing. That's when the bird freaked out and got loose from my hand. Halle and I both screamed, Jarom came out of the closet just in time to almost get hit in the head by the bird flying frantically around my bedroom. (WHY ME?) It fell between the wall and my nightstand where I was able to catch it again. We got all the string off, and then let it go. It flew away a little shaken up and a few feathers short, but otherwise unharmed. Poor little thing!


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! wait a minute... how come all my comments on your blog start with "Oh my word!"

honestly, lenes, this would only happen at your house!! no wonder my kids keep begging to come back and visit!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just think...that frightened little bird is typing up the same harrowing story on its blog right now.

But from its point of view, you're the "mean lady who trapped it with kite string, threatened it with scissors, and tried to strangle it in a closet." Luckily, it got away before you "fed it to the kids."

I know, I'm such a twirp. Get it? Twirp? Like a bird...

Never mind.

The Manwarings said...

Only you, Elena! Why is it you get all of the excitement. That is crazy. You need to check and see if any of your neighbors were recording you so we can all see how hilarious you looked trying to catch the bird. Great story.

Elise said...

So hilarious! I am laughing out loud!

This reminds me about the time a starling got stuck in our dryer vent. Chris pulled it out with the end of a hanger(!) and we both screamed like little girls. We still joke about how that bird was so unappreciative after all we did for it! :)

Jonathan & Rachel said...

You are brave-I don't think I could ever touch a bird-dead or alive!!! I bet your kids will have a fun story to tell at school!

LouandAngela said...

You really have a great way to telling stories. I'm always laughing! Glad the bird survived it!