Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kate goes to Nursery

Well, Kate went to nursery at church on Sunday for the first time. Technically she isn't 18 months until the 18th, but I took her in anyway. She wasn't thrilled at the idea of me leaving her there AT ALL!! Serious sobbing, poor little girl. We have a nice nursery leader though that took her under her wing and told me she would come and get me if Kate didn't calm down.

The 1st counselor in primary had to go up to check on some things and I asked if she wouldn't mind checking on Kate and taking the binky up if she needed it. She said that the moment Kate saw her she just clung to her. She was able to calm her down and by that time it was snacks. After the snacks came out Kate did great (binky in mouth of course). So we'll see what next week brings.

She's SUCH a momma's girl I don't know how we'll ever get her to stay by herself. Infact, Jarom said that while I was in Boise Kate would walk around to all the doors and knock and say, "Momma?" How pathetic is that. Made me sad that she missed me. How will I ever leave her in September when we go to Hawaii???


Elise said...

Both of my kids had a tough time in nursery at first. I take it as a sign that I'm just an excellent mother. Hee hee.

Gordon turns 2 May 15th, so I'm guessing he's almost exactly 6 months older than little Kate.