Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crazy old lady!!

Tonight we went to the old folk's home to visit my grandma. There is a crazy little old lady that lives there named Nadine. Nadine LOVES kids and every time we go, she stops us in the hall to hug and kiss the kids and asks over and over about my baby and Carter. She's got a thing for him. Anyway, she also is always carrying a stuffed animal that she wraps up like a baby in a blanket.

Tonight she was in the hall in her wheelchair gently holding her florescent orange blanket with something wrapped up inside. She stopped all the kids and wouldn't let go of them and then started to unwrap her blanket. I expected to see the familiar stuffed dog, but tonight she surprised me with a ball of tinsel she had swiped from a wall decoration. We politely oooed and ahhed at the pretty ball of tinsel, then quickly went on our way to Grandma's room.

We were visiting along, and next thing I know, Nadine is ever so slowly, slinking into the room. Now, you really have to get a mental picture of this. She is in her wheelchair, doing the Flintstones shuffle to move along, and very quietly and slowly is unwrapping her ball of tinsel. Everytime Carter would look at her she would pull out a little more of it and start to dangle it. She never made a sound. It was just like a kidnapper trying to lure a kid with a piece of candy. It seriously was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Eventually she made her way all the way to the foot of Grandma's bed and sat and laughed at all the jokes as if she was one of us. All the time holding out her ball of tinsel trying despearatly to get one of the kids to take it. At one point, sweet little Alyssa took it from her and Nadine told her share some of it with all of her family. (Quin if you were there you would have DIED laughing. It was just your kind of thing.) It SOOO doesn't sound as funny as it was. I can't do the story justice.

When we left I wheeled her back out into the hall. She grabbed Alyssa's hand and we all headed towards the t.v. Thankgoodness it was tuned to some animal show. She was immediatly entertained and forgot all about us being there. There are somedays when the crazy people scare me, but tonight it was just a good ol' belly chuckle.


Elise said...

Hee hee... I can just picture this-- so funny!