Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another Wal-Mart disaster.

Apparently I am NOT supposed to run to Wal-Mart while the girls are at dance. Tonight, I dropped Halle off (Alyssa was at Bailey's) and ran to the store with just Carter and Kate. Believe it or not, the actual shopping part went fairly smooth. But why is it that kids have to wait until the cart is full and you are standing in line to check out, before they tell you they need to go to the bathroom? Just as I was loading my groceries on the belt (NOT the self one :) ) Carter started dancing and saying he had to go. He is pretty good about holding it, so when I saw him doing the boogie dance I knew it was serious. And WHY is it that when the cashier can clearly see a child doing the infamous potty jig, and hear the parent saying, "We're almost done! Hang on!" , they don't go any faster bagging your items. Hello???!! Do they WANT the pee on their floor?

Anyway, we get through the check-out and rush to the potty. Nothing too absolutely horrid right? WRONG!! Just as Carter was finishing, Kate started gagging and promptly threw-up all over me!!! Poor Carter was trying to come out of the stall and I rammed him backwards trying to run in to get Kate over the toilet. Seriously she gave me NO warning; not a whimper, a cough, nothing. Just all of a sudden I was covered in foul smelling vomit.

This is the second time I've had a kid throw-up in the Wal-Mart bathroom. Last time Halle had the flu. We were standing in line, as usual, and I looked over and she was green. I asked her if she was okay and all she could do was shake her head. I didn't even bother trying to finish in the line. I just very loudly but politely said, "Excuse me! Excuse me! I need to get to the bathroom." Everyone so generously moved out of the way and we made it. THANK HEAVENS!!

Anyway, back to today. Kate finished throwing up and I had to walk out of the stupid store drenched in barf. Lovely!! I rolled all the windows down, picked Halle up from dance, and got directly in the shower when I got home.

Kate threw-up several more times after that, so I guess we can all look forward to the stomach flu next week. HOORAY!!! :(


Dawnyel said...

Dang it!! I'm SO sorry! *HUGS*

Jed said...

Maybe you can look back on that and laugh some day....