Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Annual Yellowsone trip.

Alyssa captured practically our every move on this trip on Jarom's iPAQ, so I thought I would save myself some time and just post what she wrote adding a few bits and pieces myself. So, I'll put my comments in red, the rest is all Alyssa. (Plus I think her journaling is so cute, I wanted to save it forever.)

Adventure's At Yellowstone
This Friday we went to Yellowstone . We went to are campground . The people who came were my Aunt Mimi ( Emily ) and my Uncle Bryon , my Aunt Deidra and my Uncle Kade , and my Grammy and Gramppy , and my cousins Liberty , Kayson and Brylee ,and my sisters and brother and me Alyssa , Halle and Carter and Kate , and my Mom and Dad . The first night we had Lausonya (aka lasagne) for dinner.

All of us in front of Kade's Backcountry Secrets teepee.

We also hiked around Norris Geyser Basin and Carter was too tired to make it the whole way. He also rubbed his hand on the boardwalk and got a sliver in his thumb that was an inch long. TRAUMA!!!

We didn't have lunch or breakfest because we didn't leave tell after lunch . Me and my family slept in are trailer . And Mimi and Bryon slept in ther tent . And Liberty and her family slept in there teepee . And Grammy and Gramppy slept in there trailer . The second day we had pancakes and bacon for breakfest.

Kade was our chef one morning, Bryon and my Dad also cooked breakfasts.

Halle and Liberty "creating a brew with secret ingredients that only bears know". They stirred this stump full of goodness every time we were at camp.

And after that we went to see old faithful blow water and got wet. And went to see other littler geysers too . Then we went to have lunch . We had chicken salad and grapes . And a little ways down there was a stream . And Halle was walking across a log that was over the stream and she fell in . Good thing that the stream wasn't deep. My Dad helped Halle out of the stream. Halle had to wear a towl for pants and her sweat shirt. Too bad no one was happy enough about it to take a picture. And after that we stayed a little longer. And climbed the logs during that time. And when we left we hung her clothes out the window. Then we drove for a while. And started to drive to a lake. Uncle Bryon taught me and Halle how to skip rocks there.

The clan at Yellowstone Lake.
Kayson trying to skip rocks.
Bryon teaching Alyssa how to skip rocks.
Alyssa trying to skip rocks. This girl could have stayed at the lake for three hours. She was having a ball!

After that we went on a look geo caching.
Look out point over Yellowstone Lake. Really quite pretty and we could even see the Tetons WAY off in the distance. A little bit later we saw a coyote. And after that we got gas. Then Halle and Carter said HI to the birds.

After that we went to are campground.
Mimi and Bryon at the campfire.

I made smockers (aka smokers, sticks with the ends on fire) and glow sticks . I did that for a while then when the Loons (Yellowstone Loons, a club for people who are passionate about Yellowstone. My parents are looney Loons :).) started to come up Halle and me went to bed. I think they talked for a while then went to bed. They actually never came, but Alyssa was alseep and didn't know any different.

We have been having problems with the battery on our camper going out. So my dad and Jarom were trying to fix it and accidently pulled out the fuse in my truck that runs the fan for the AC/Heater. (There has to be problems while camping, right?) Anyway, my dad/Maguiver, jimmy-rigged a pop can tab into to see us through the weekend. It worked and is still working.

In the morning we had cinimin rolls and bacon and eggs and hashbrowns. Then Halle and Liberty and Kayson and Carter went to play foxes and bears. And Uncle Bryon played Ker-Plunk with me.

Most of the little foxes. (Brylee is missing.)

Then we went to the Canyon Muesiem. First we went to the volcanoes part. Then we went to globe part were we got to touch something it was a little wet . Next we went to the map of Yellowstone. After that we went to a part were we saw how volcanos work. Then we went to the upstairs part of the building were we saw a baby buffilo and we saw a big buffalo. Then we went to binocuelers that were pointed right towards are campground. Then I looked up some informaitoin on a computer. Then we went back downstairs to the theater and watched a short movie. Then we left and started driving.

Lunch Break: Hot dogs and chips.

Kate enjoying a powdered donut.
Grammy and Grampy

After a while we went to trout lake.

Chillin' at Trout Lake.

Me and Halle and Liberty pretended to stir a witches stew. And we saw a otter it ate fish right in front of us.

Then we left and started driving. Then after a while we thought we saw a bear but it was a buffalo. Then we drove on once we new it was a buffalo.
Not the buffalo we saw at that time, but I thought it was a cute shot to put in anyway.

And started to drive again to a hill were we saw a bear with it's baby's ( They were so cute). SO CUTE!! I just wanted to squeeze them. This was the highlight of my trip.

The cubs and mama bear were up in the tree. We watched them for quite a while and they even climbed down for us. The babies looked like little teddy bears.

After that we went to Mammith. There we got Icecream cones . The flavors were strawberry , chocolate and vanilla. Then we had Taco soup for dinner. It started raining during dinner so we tried to move everything inside. Jarom had his hands full and tried to pick up Kate by one arm and it pulled her elbow out of socket. Thankgoodness we had MANY learning experiences of Halle's little elbow going out, and I was able to put it back in on my own. (Just call me Dr. Elena. HA!) After that we went to bed. In the morning we played phase 10 . Then we had french toast and smockeys in the teepee. Then we played phase 10 some more. Then we watched a movie.

After that we left and went to a lake (actually a river) called big springs and saw a muscrat Kate leaned a little too far over to look at the fish and her binky went right into the river. I was going to try and use that for the excuse to ween her, but when 2AM hit and she was screaming, I gave in and gave her a new one. then we ate icecream sandwiches after that we went home.

That's The Adventure's Of Yellowstone


Elise said...

I love this! Alyssa's words are priceless, and your comments in between just make it such a great picture. It sounds like you had a wonderful Yellowstone Adventure!

becky ward said...

Great job Alyssa! I can't believe you saw bears. This gets me excited for our camping reunion this weekend.