Friday, May 04, 2007

Halle's turn to take Mimzy.

Mimzy got to go to school for the second time today. Halle's kindergarten class had show-n-tell pet day. The kids were NUTS!!!! (I could never be a kindergarten teacher.) There was a bearded dragon, SEVERAL dogs, and Mimzy. (One little girl brought her baby sister and brother. It was SO funny!) The kids all loved Mimzy and they all got to pet her. Halle had a blast showing her off.

As a side note, Kate is FINALLY feeling better today. She threw-up for over 36 hours. It was rough. I called the doctor and they said that as long as she had at least one wet diaper, (even if it was less than normal), in an 8-12 hour time frame, that she was fine. (And that is exactly what she did, 2 diapers in 24 hours.) They also said that they have seen a virus lately that has had kids vomitting for up to 2 weeks!!! YIKES! I don't want that one!!


Elise said...

Halle is so cute with Mimzy (which I just love to say, by the way. Mimzy.) Her teacher is a bit nuts to have a "pets" day, though. Brave and insane.

Poor little Kate-- I hope the rest of you don't get it!