Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bikini, Zucchini, same thing.

Today I took Halle swimsuit shopping. She said, "Oh mom, I want one of those bo-kinis." I explained that they showed too much of her belly and that is was immodest, but that I might be willing to let her get a tankini if her belly button didn't show. (No offense to anyone who wears bikinis, they're just not my thing.) So then she said, "Oh, I would LOVE to try on one of those zucchinis." :) We ended up with a darling little one-piece, thankgoodness. I love this little girl to bits, she always makes me laugh.


becky ward said...

Adorable choice! Halle looks beautiful. What a funny little thing!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Funny girl. The suit is darling!