Monday, January 28, 2013

Alyssa Turns 14!

 The big event for Alyssa was her 14th birthday!  She was upgraded from a regular cell phone to a smart phone, and boy was she excited!

 Man, she just looks SO grown up in this picture.  Such a teenager!  How did this happen???

 We also gave her her very own riding helmet.  She was having to borrow one at the barn and really hated using somebody else's helmet.  Who knew a funny looking helmet could make a girl happy? :)

 She chose to make carmel apples with her friends for her party.

 Obligatory friend shot. What a good bunch of girls these are.

 And then they went off the the haunted forest.

They had so much fun, they had to go twice.

Happy Birthday to my dear Alyssa!  She is such a great kid.  Always dependable, responsible, perfectionate, and very very smart.  Never needs encouraging to get homework finished, in fact we sometimes have to do the opposite and tell her to chill a little.  She's a pretty no-nonsense kid, but still knows how to find some fun in life. She really has her head on straight and knows exactly what she wants, and what she expects from life.  I think that is such a strong attribute of her personality.  We love you Alyssa, and are so glad you are part of our family!


Our Family said...

She can't be 14, because that makes me....older than I should be. :) She's so cute and it's good to hear how well she (and your whole family) are doing.

becky ward said...

happy birthday alyssa! what a beautiful young lady.

Lee Ann said...

It's been "birthday season" at your house!