Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Melt Down

Somehow I missed these pictures from May, but seeing as it happened at the very end of May, I figure I can throw them in now while I'm only in June...or October. It's all the same, right?

Jarom and his brother Justin have decided they want to open a little mobile grilled cheese sandwich shack. So they've been busy building logos, thinking of names, and refurbishing this old 1950's Airline Streamer trailer. They want to go with a very retro look and feel. They have decided on the name "Melt Down", which I love, but I think I will forever endearingly refer to this little trailer as "The Cheese Wagon".
Taking a break from ripping out the entire insides.

Scraping layers and layers of paint. They want the inside tinny like the outside. 
Looking better, but the paint removal wasn't going very fast at all.  And they realized that they were dealing with OLD paint which was probably lead based.  So they stopped the process until they can come up with an environmentally and physically safe way to remove the paint.

Meanwhile, the kids had a heyday having free reign of Grampy's farm.

Nothing quite like playing "orphans" in a pile of barrels.

These two sillies made a baby from a hunk of perfectly curved wood.  It was hilarious.  They put a diaper on it and jammies and thought they were so funny with their wooden baby.

Fun's over for the day kids.  Time to head to the dump. might wonder where they are at in the process now.  Exactly where they left off in May. HA!  But they do have big plans for the very near future which includes the use of a "soda blaster", hazmat suits, and masks. I can't wait to take those pictures! (And by the way, if you're thinking about stealing this million dollar money maker idea, forget about it. We'll send zombies to eat your brains and flying monkeys to lock you in a tower cell!)


Sherrie said...

I think you just paint OVER the lead paint, at least that is what my old apartment manager did. Not very comforting I'm sure. I love a grilled cheese sandwich, and will totally support your Melt Down.

Gina said...

Can I steal your idea and use it here, 14 hours away, since I won't be in direct competition?

Lee Ann said...

What a great idea! I'll come for a grilled cheese this summer! (gluten free of course :)

Steve's brother has a "hot dog" trailer. But now the family is working on an old bread truck so he'll be more mobile for city life. Doing much of the same things Jarom is. Fun, Fun.