Thursday, November 01, 2012

Other June Happenings

A few of the other note worthy things that happened in June were:

Carter's BYU soccer camp.  He and Jarom spent a week in Provo together while Carter attended soccer camp daily.  He LOVED it.
They visited the Murdochs one night and hiked up the mountain to the Y.  That's quite the hike, but these boys did it like champs.

A visit to my Dad's coworkers home, to meet Vice the mini horse. What a funny little guy he is. He thinks he's a stallion and has an attitude, but my kids LOVED him. The best part of the night was Kate taking him for a walk, and Vice deciding he wanted to go his own way. Boy, he didn't know who he was taking on. Kate might be tiny, but she is sassy. She dug in her heels and hung on to the rope with all her might. He pulled as hard as he could and she practically went skiing across the field, but there was no way she was going to give in to Mr. Vice. My kids have been begging to go back and visit ever since this day.
Aunt Mimi and Bryon made a quick visit from Washington. They surprised us all with their new baby Hank. Since they had to unexpectedly put their beloved Trigger down a short while ago, they decided to fill the gap with little Hank. We all fell in love with him. Puppies are seriously the cutest!

And last but not least...we painted some bedrooms. Kate's room is so fun with the Robbin Egg Blue color on the wall. When asked if she likes her room she says, "Better than better!" Alyssa's room also got new paint. We tried a greenish color and it was HORRID. The basement lighting really plays on colors, so we had to repaint it and went with an aqua blue. Much better! I still have Halle's and Carter's rooms to go...but the repainting of Alyssa's wore me right out. I'm gonna need a while.


Our Family said...

When you're done painting those rooms, you're totally invited to come work on some here! :)

Lee Ann said...

So fun! Love the room color!