Thursday, November 01, 2012

Alyssa Starts English Lessons

 Alyssa has been begging and begging and begging to take riding lessons.  I kind of thought it was something that would go away eventually, but it just didn't.  Finally she walked up to me with cash in hand and said, "I'm paying for my first lesson on my own. Now will you please set something up?"
So, I guess she was serious about it.
 We checked out a couple of different arenas and teachers, and Alyssa watched a few lessons before we decided to go with Mallory for our instructor.  Alyssa was in love the very second she got on a horse. She is quite a natural at it and I love to watch her.  Although, it kills me at times because I want to hop right on too.
I love that she not only enjoys it, but also gets a great work out from it too.  Mallory makes her do all sorts of crazy exercises, i.e sit ups by laying her head all the way down on the horse's rump and back up again, bicycle legs around the horse's neck, posting trot without stirrups, etc. She also has to do some work at the stable.  She has to groom the horses and clean up after them. It's a great thing all around.


Our Family said...

Sweet! Good for Alyssa! Do you think you have room in the backyard for a horse, too? :)

Mama Williams said...

I love it! Makes me want to ride again too.