Monday, November 19, 2012

Swimming Farm Style

My mom called and said her neighbors were flood irrigating and asked if I wanted to expose my city kids to a bit of "country life swimming".

And there off! A little bit of water is a WHOLE lot of fun for kiddos.

Ahhhh!  This is the life.  Doing the backstroke in the ditch.

Oh the mud!
It's good for the skin right?!
Mud is just the best time ever!

Not to worry. A little dip in the ditch and they came out good as new.
Ahhhh....the country life. I miss that sometimes.


becky ward said...

that last picture is HILARIOUS! oh what fun!

Our Family said...

That looks like SOOO much fun! My grandparents used to irrigate their backyard and we'd go out and splash in it all the time. It doesn't get much better than that! :)

Mama Williams said...

I remember doing this in my grandpa's yard every summer. Loved it!!

Lee Ann said...

That brings back so many memories!!!! That's how we watered our lawn when I was little. So much fun for your kiddos!