Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4H Photo Camp

The girls took a photography class for a week through 4H. Here are a few of my favorites from each of them.

It was an argument, but Alyssa won the right to use my nicer camera. Now if only she would teach me how to use it.

She got some really cool "bug's eye view" and nature shots.

She seemed to really like this day, as there were MANY good photos to choose from.

Here's some from the "self portrait" and "subject" days. It was so fun for me to go through the pictures each day when the girls came home.  I loved seeing through their eyes the things they found photo worthy.
Halle had to use my little point and shoot camera, so the quality of her photos isn't nearly as good as Alyssa's, but she still managed to get some really neat shots.

"Bug's eye view" and "Nature" day.

"Self Portrait" Day. Halle is a regular old pro when it comes to self portraits as I am regularly finding them on every camera we own.  She cracks me up.

"Subject" day.  She even managed to figure out some fun functions the camera has.  I LOVE the skate/bike park shot.  So cool.
And I just had to throw this last shot on here because it cracked me up. They were learning how to "pan". I love how you can see all the kids with cameras behind the car. I can only imagine what the drivers were thinking as they drove by.

I think they both learned quite a bit from this week. Now I think I need to find an adult photo camp. Seems like so much fun to me.


becky ward said...

what an awesome camp! how fun for them. maybe they can give me some pointers too. ha.