Thursday, October 18, 2012

Girls Camp 2012

Who's ready for a week of tent living, latrines, dirt, and fun at Girls Camp? The Rose Park Young Women are, that's who!
Time for the 7 mile UPHILL hike! Alyssa had been so excited/nervous about this part of camp and had been preparing herself by walking and biking.

Alyssa ended up with a group of girls who weren't able to make it all the way to the top.  Everything from heat stroke, dehydration, being out of shape, and plain old grumpiness played a part in this. She was admittedly frustrated, but chose to stay with them and encourage them to do their best. They ended up having to turn around at about the half way point. She has been told by several people that her attitude was MUCH needed in this group to get them as far as they did.  She knows she did the right thing, but still has the need for closure to finish this hike.  Guess I better get myself in shape so I can take her back and FINISH this thing.

Nights are chilly in the mountains.

Seriously, WHY does food taste SO much better when you're camping?

The best part about girl's camp, is not the hikes, the food, or even the fun, it is the appreciation the girls gain for their Creator.  Girl's Camp builds testimonies like nothing else.  I'm so glad Alyssa had a fun week and gained an even stronger testimony of God and the Saviour.


Deanna said...

So fun!!!!! What a great girl you have!!! (all your kids, really!!!)

Our Family said...

What a lovely little camper you have!! I can't believe she's already at girls camp, though! :)