Tuesday, October 09, 2012

100 Years Celebration for Girl Scouts

Halle's girl scout troop went to a weekend campout in Twin Falls, ID to celebrate with other troops from around the state for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts.

 Tent time with a bunch of girls had to be full on craziness!

 One of the many fun things they got to do was the ropes course!  Halle was super excited to try this!

 She was successful and made it all the way across!

 Girls will be girls!

 The troop!

 Cora has been a saint to go everywhere and do all the sleepovers with these girls! We are a lucky troop to have her.

 It's good to know they did have to do a little bit of work.


becky ward said...

what a fun thing to be involved it. looks like she had a great time!