Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Wrist

So the morning after Halle's party, it was Sunday morning, her wrist was pretty sore and swollen. We went to church where our good friend, who happens to be our pediatrician, took a look at her and said he would meet us at his office to put it in a splint. It was SO nice of him to do that for us. So Sunday night, she came home looking like a war victim.

She was super concerned about how the splint and sling looked with her birthday outfit Monday morning, but the comfort and security it gave her was worth it.

We took her in for x-rays Monday afternoon, and Wednesday morning (long enough time for the swelling to go down) she was in a full blown cast. was broken. The first broken bone for our house. Thank goodness it didn't need to be set. So now she gets to wear the lovely pink cast for a month. She's SO relieved that it will match her outfits. Funny, funny girl.

And this picture is just for Tiana. "The Standards", a music group, came to Halle's school for an assembly and they asked Halle if they could sign her cast. I told her Tiana would be SO excited to see this. So we had to take a picture and post it!

It's been a full week since the accident today, and she is feeling much better. She still babies it a little, but she is moving it more and more each day.


Our Family said...

I LOVE the signed cast!! You're going to know how pathetic I am now, but when I first glanced at that picture, before I read your post, I thought, "That big loopy name looks familiar..." I guess I have a few too many signed posters of The Standards around here! :D Thanks for putting that picture up, it is awesome!! (Did she like The Standards?) I hope she gets all better very soon!!