Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Have a Teenager in the House!

Well, it's official.....I'm old. I have a real live teenager living in the house! Beautiful Alyssa turned 13 and celebrated in grand style with German pancakes for breakfast. Her favorite breakfast. In fact, its about the only breakfast she'll eat. This girl is not a morning eater; its all I can do to get her drink a glass of milk in the mornings.

Kate has a weird phobia of teenagers. She was a little upset that Alyssa was going to be one. One morning she said to me, "Mom, I don't really want a teenager in the house. I only want kids." I asked her if we should get rid of Alyssa, and reminded her that she would be a teenager herself one day. Then I said, "Being a teenager is fun. You get to do fun things like drive, and hang out with your friends." And then Kate interrupted me and said, "And sneak out...." WHAT THE???!! LOL! Oh my.....I am SOOOO in trouble. (Apparently she learned this from Soul Surfer, her FAVORITE movie lately. It's a great show with a great moral and the thing she took from it is how to sneak out! Ay-yi-yi!)

Alyssa decided to have a movie party. We borrowed the projector from a business associate and the party watched Selena Gomez's Monte Carlo in the basement. She wanted pumpkin bars for a birthday cake, so I decorated them to look like a tub of movie popcorn. I used strawberry Froot By the Foot for the stripes and marshmallow popcorn so I could mold the popcorn in the right shape.

The party girls came prepared in pj's and ready to play games. They played the m&m game. Everyone has a straw and there is a big bowl of m&m's in the center. You roll 2 dice and if you get 7, 11, or doubles, you grab the bowl and start sucking out as many m&m's as you can with the straw. In the mean time, the dice continues to get rolled; as soon as someone else gets the magic number they yank the bowl of candy away to give it their own try. The girls had a blast with this and it ended up being the only game they played. Made it easy for me!

They watched the movie in the basement. We had a candy and popcorn "store" set up where they could get treats and bottled water. I swear, these girls were so good and into the movie, that I could hardly tell I had a house full of girls. What a great bunch of kids!

Of course we had to take some pictures. Silly girls!

Serious girls.

And last but not least, cute smiley girls.

Alyssa blew out the candles, and just like that the party was over. Now we gear up for Halle's and Kate's in 2 weeks!


CB said...

Congrats old lady (yeah right!).

Teenagers are SO fun! Let your adventure, and hers, begin :-D

Our Family said...

Wow!!! Tell Alyssa happy birthday from all of us! That's just crazy. She was the first one I really got to start babysitting and I LOVED it!! Your family is awesome!

becky ward said...

happy birthday alyssa! you are so beautiful and sweet. and elena...what a party! i love that cake and you had such fun ideas. way to go!