Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is Halloween 2011

All Kate talked about was wanting to be a "blue butterfly" for Halloween. But, our school carnival came before I had costumes bought, so we dug in the old costume box and Kate chose to wear the candy corn witch for the night. She was fine with it, but still mentioned the "blue butterfly" quite a bit. Above: Kate and Alyssa with some of our friends, Emily and Dawson at the school carnival.

So I broke down and scrounged up a "blue butterfly" costume in time for her school parade and Halloween night.

She paraded around in the "blue butterfly" wings twice, once at school and once at church.

Then Halloween night, decided she hated the wings because they "annoyed" her, so she went back to the candy corn witch. Guess I shouldn't have wasted my money.

Carter couldn't really care less about Halloween costumes. He never has a request to be anything, so I usually just buy something I think he'll like and he wears it. No protests, nothing. This year, he was a fighter pilot. He came home from his school party with an awesome skeleton painted face, so we said he was a "dead fighter pilot". "Okay", he said with a shrug and off he went to play with legos. If only we could all be as easy going as Carter.

Alyssa REALLY wanted to be a peacock. Luckily I was able to find the peacock wings at a Halloween store, then she made her little skirt and we found sweats in peacock colors. She seemed pleased with it, and I think it turned out great.

Halle wanted to be a bumblebee, mostly b/c she wanted to make a tutu and wear make up. She's all glitz and glam this girl. I think she made a darling little bee.

My little spooky spooks! I let Alyssa go alone with friends this year. It was a little nerve racking for me, but honestly either this year or next year will be her last year, so it was time to get to experience trick-or-treating without a parent around.

(This is a picture of Halle and Taylor at the school carnival.)
Halle went with her friend Taylor and Taylor's mom. And I took the two littlest toots, Kate and Carter, around.

Kate was done with one round of the block, Carter would have kept going all night I think. Unfortunately for him, I was feeling sicker than a dog with fever, chills, and sore throat. So we called it a night at 8:00, then went a visited Grandparents.

We got to see cute cousin Josie in her costume. What a sweet little tootsie!

Jarom's mom dresses as a witch each year and scares the tar out of the little grand kids. This year she added a chin to the get up and looked super spooky! It's always fun to visit Grandma's house on Halloween.


becky ward said...

i can't believe we didn't get to see you guys all dressed up. everyone looks great. i really like carter's costume. pretty cool! and the girls all look adorable. so creative! emily should have borrowed my tootsie roll costume. (;

Mama Williams said...

Jarom's Mom is scaring me! So fun to see everyone all dressed up! You're a good Mom to indulge Kate and the blue butterfly.