Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halle is 11!

Halle turned the big 11 last week! About two hours before the party she fell in her bedroom and hurt her wrist pretty bad. She was picking up her room when a "flap" (her words) on her shoe caught on the carpet and down she went, catching her wrist on her dresser on the way down. I asked her if we should cancel the party, but after icing the wrist, taking some pain killers, wrapping it in an wrist support bandage, and throwing up in the sink from shock, she decided the show must go on. So party we did!

Halle's request for a birthday cake was a "pretty one". She's my glitz and glamor girl so I decided to go with the trendy zebra print and hot pink look. I used edible zebra sugar paper and pearly pink Sixlets. I think it turned out pretty cute.

She had a group of darling friends come over for games and pizza making.

The highlight game of the night was the flour game. Pack flour tightly in a cup, carefully dump it out onto a plate so that it retains it shape, then set a penny on top. Each person takes a turn slicing away the flour and if the penny falls, you have to retrieve it with your teeth. They played this game forever, and then started begging to use sugar instead of flour. LOL!

After games and presents, (a couple of her favorites being -in case you need ideas for an 11 year old- her Orbeez lamp, and a Venus Fly Trap plant) it was time to make a wish and blow out candles. And even though her arm was hurting pretty bad by the end, she had a lot of fun.


becky ward said...

that cake is adorable! happy birthday halle!