Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kate turns 6!

Kate decided on a CandyLand theme for her birthday. This was her first "real" birthday party and she was super excited for it. Too bad the cake didn't make it in its entirety to the party. Those darn lollipops were just too heavy for the cake and started ripping it in half. So we snapped a picture and then had to take them out.

Kate was so excited for all her little friends from school to come. Top:Tessa, Paige, Dawson, Gracie. Bottom: Gracee, Kate, and Trevor.

Kate talks about this little guy quite a bit. One day she came home and said, "Trevor said he needed some space from me because I annoy him." LOL! I asked her if she was touching him and reminded her to keep her hands to herself. She said, "Okay, okay." Then I asked her if she had a little crush on him. Her reply was, "No way! That would awkward!" LOL! So funny, but they seem to be good little friends now, so hopefully she's not annoying him anymore.

Even little Josie showed up for the party. I'm not sure she knew quite what to do with all the chaos around her. I had all sorts of little games planned and thought it was be a fairly calm party. Boy was I wrong! These kids were WILD, but they had a ball so it's okay.

Kate blew out the candles and then birthday party season at our house was officially over!! Whew! We made it. Now, lets gear up for the holidays.

Oh, and one little funny to end with, I had to take the cute little blonde boy home. Johnny (our dog), all the kids stinky shoes, and the dirty laundry had all been shut up in the laundry room during the party. When we opened the door to walk out to the garage a stench you could almost see hit us. Trevor said, "Man, it smells like a zombie in here!" It was SOOOO funny. And he was so right, it practically did smell like death.


Deanna said...

I can't believe she's SIX!!! She was an itty-bitty baby when we first met you guys!

and Hallie's pink cast is SOOOOO cute. Tell her I want one just like it! minus the broken wrist. :)

Lee Ann said...

She can't be six!!! And look at all of those cakes! You are so creative. What a whirlwind of birthday season that is!

becky ward said...

adorable cake! happy birthday kate!