Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists

My sister-in-law introduced me to this idea for Christmas gifts several years ago. I finally implemented it in our home 2 years ago and it has been the best thing ever. It makes Christmas so much easier for me. Each child gets

Something they WANT,

Something they NEED,

Something to WEAR,

and Something to READ.

(I also add a gift from Santa and an ornament. Grandma gives the new pj's for Christmas Eve and Grammy usually does fleece shirts/pants and a toy of some sort.)

Seriously, this is the greatest plan ever, so if you're feeling overwhelmed a little, try this to simplify your gift list.

Anyway, I was talking with Katie (my SIL) about what our kids were asking for and getting. She told me that all her little 4 year old (Gabby) was asking for was, for her WANT: wrapping paper and tape, and for her NEED: a new bucket so that the next time she has to throw up, she'll be ready. LOL!!! Is that not the most hilarious thing you have ever heard?!

See? Kids don't need great big, fancy, expensive gifts to be happy. A little tape and a barf bucket just might do the trick. (Now you know what to get the 4 year old on your list.)


Deanna said...

NOW i know what to get Tanner! Thanks!

Mama Williams said...

I loved this list idea when you told me about it last week. Wish I had known about it last month! I think we may try it next year. I went a little nutz last week. This is a good guideline. Thank you!

Nichole said...

that is SWEET!!!! Next year =0)

Jennie said...

I love the barf bucket!! We could use one of those around here :(

Tonya said...

What a great idea....

Trish said...

love this idea.....

we have always only done three gifts and my kids know no different!

Tamie said...

that actually IS a great idea. we do something similar with just three gifts like jesus got from the wisemen.
gold: something you wnat
frankinsense: something you need
myrh: something that you want, but has to include the family (like a boardgame or tickets to an event where the whole family would go)
soooooo much easier...i'm with you: the easier the better when it comes to christmas.