Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

I must admit, this year has not been near the roller coaster ride I expected it would be when it started.

At the beginning of the year Jarom quit working for HP and we became 100% self-employed. (His web business had only been our side business up to that point.) I was terrified at the thought of our income dropping in half, but I knew this is what Jarom wanted. He felt really good about doing it, and I always trust his instincts (he has good ones). He has done so great with the company. Our income did drop, but not in half (not even the very first month) and Jarom is a much happier person. There were a couple of rough months, but we've made it this far and can only go up from here.

It is different not having a salary check automatically deposited into my account every two weeks. And my shopping thought process has had to change. But I can not let this year end without expressing my gratitude for Jarom, his hard work and determination, and his company. I feel very blessed, especially in this time when so many dear friends are struggling to find work, and I would be ungrateful if I didn't acknowledge my own blessings.