Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

The night started with dinner,the family Nativity, and my sister and I sneaking a BYU shirt on little Cameron. My brother, Cameron's dad, is a Utah fan and is always trying to play pranks on us BYU fans. We thought we were so funny taking this picture and then posting it all over facebook land. LOL! Doesn't the blue suit him well?

Halle lost one of her earrings, one of her Disneyland souvenir earrings, no less -her solution to the problem is to "just go back to Disneyland". She was SO concerned about her ear holes closing up (in the two hours we were there- no amount of explaining would convince her that she'd be fine) that Aunt Mimi let her borrow her earrings. They came clear down to Halle's shoulders and she felt BEAUTIFUL. It was hilarious!

I don't know why, but this picture just cracks me up every time I look at it. Quin got to play the role of Caesar this year and Cameron was baby Jesus, all swaddled up.

My dad as the Inn Keeper.

Got to end with the traditional family shot.

After the nativity we headed home to open our Christmas Eve gifts. The kids draw names and I let them open their gifts to each other. Alyssa had Carter this year and was so thoughtful. She had a silent auction at school and rather than get herself something, she used her hard earned behaviour/homework bucks to get Carter a Bakugan ball that he had been wanting. She is such a sweet girl. Halle gave Kate a little dolly with beautiful brown eyes like Kate's and the little kids (aka mom) gave the big girls Christmas earrings.

We also open the new ornaments for the year - Kate got a little reindeer playing dress up, Carter got a reindeer playing video games, Alyssa got a mouse playing the piano, and Halle got a mouse sewing and crafting away. All perfect for each of them this year.

And of course it wouldn't be Christmas Eve without the new jammies. Carter insisted that his were BYU football pajamas and Kate was SO excited about her "dots". Alyssa and Halle were both perfectly pleased that they each got their favorite colors. Jarom and I also got new pajamas. Poor Jarom...I got him some that were a little big.....all right a LOT too big. LOL!! Poor guy, he looked like good ol' Saint Nick himself. But he was a good sport and wore them anyway.

After gifts and a Christmas story, we set out the cookies and then the kids all snuggled together in the office/guest bed- the traditional Christmas Eve sleepover.


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I love that you have the kids draw names and get things for each other. I need to get the girls more involved in the giving part of Christmas.

And I love all the Christmas plaid in the jammies. We always give the girls one gift on Christmas eve...and its always jammies. I had the same tradition growing up.

Jewelle said...

The ornaments sound adorable! Where do you get yours at. I had a really difficult time finding any that I liked this year.