Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Good grief, am I ever going to get Thanksgiving posted? That's it, I'm going to sit myself down right now and get it done. We're a full week into December already, for crying out loud. How does the time go so quickly? Jarom's family is getting so large (he has 7 siblings) that this year we decided to reserve a church house for Thanksgiving dinner. We had all 46 or 48 (I can't keep track anymore) of the immediate family members there, plus Grandpa Friedenberger and Shirley, the missionaries and a family (The Engelmans) from mine and Jarom's ward joined us.

It really was nice to have so much room to play. We had our very own stage for the talent show, where we endured enjoyed all 12 verses of The 12 Days of Christmas.

We had room to set up the cardboard turkey shoot. (Notice Justin's version of a turkey is MUCH better than my version for Halle's birthday party.)

We decorated sugar cookies.

And showed off the cute ones. I mean the cookie, but Becky's pretty cute in this picture too!

There were corners for playing barbies.

And corners for sleeping.

Crud, there were even beds for sleeping. Who knew the church gym provided that?

Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without checking out the Black Friday ads.

Even Truman and Izzy got into the spirit of things.

Our Christmas gifts to each other this year were items for 72 hour kits. We all sat in a big circle and took turns dropping out item into all the backpacks. It was as fun as Halloween for the kids. Until they learned the goodies were for emergencies only.

The kids paraded around doing the "Double Eagle March". A tradition from my Father-in-law's family.

While the ladies, clapped and cheered from the stage. (We were all too full and tired to do much marching.)

Grandpa lounged around for a while ( I LOVE this picture of Gregg!),

and Jarom found a few minutes to catch up on a little for work.

After a very full day (we stayed at the church for over 9 hours) it was time to clean up and go home.

The Justin's stayed at our house for the weekend and we had such a great time having them spend the night. Even though they only live about 30 minutes away, it just made the holiday feel like a holiday having guests sleep over. We stayed up until 2 am playing "The Farming Game" (crazy nights in Idaho), then Amber and I headed off to join the rest of the ladies for shopping and breakfast a VERY SHORT 2 hours later. Remind me next year, that I'm not as young as I used to be!


Tonya said...

Looks like a great time... for all. That is so neat you could have it in a gym like that...

becky ward said...

i haven't blogged thanksgiving either. i am feeling so behind. hopefully this week.

i love that picture of all your ladies sitting on the stage.

Lee Ann said...

What a great idea! Loved that you all stayed there all day, and even napped. Looks like fun!

LouandAngela said...

I can't believe you enjoyed 9 hours in a gym! How creative you all are! Such a fun family. Looks like a great time!