Friday, June 26, 2009

Things of Interest

Here are a few note worthy events from this week in my life.

  • My poor dad had knee surgery and is begging for his pain pills. I Don't envy him at all. He fell on the ditch bank while changing water and tore his knee all up. He says he'd rather have a story about jumping on a runaway horse and transferring to another one at full speed and thus injuring himself. He thinks it sounds better than an old man falling. We sure hope he's feeling better soon and that he'll be back to his old water-changing-self in no time.

  • We had the 8th annual Gregg Manwaring Family Reunion in Yellowstone this year. (Pictures to come soon.)

  • We finally saw the sun and some warm temps so we pulled the pool back out. I was in the house listening to shouts and screams of delight from the kids. I thought, "Boy, they're sure having fun. They've missed this nice weather." When I looked out, I saw that they had emptied the pool, put in on the tramp, and refilled it. The poor tramp was sagging so bad I though it would bust. (I should have clicked a picture, but I didn't.) No wonder they were having such a great time. I made them empty it and then squirted them all with the hose. (They hid under the empty pool and thought it was the funniest thing ever.) Nothing like squirting the kids with a hose to relieve some stress. HA!

  • The girls started tennis lessons and love it.

  • We've gone from shivering in coats and blankets at a t-ball game, to sweltering to death and needing to hide under the umbrella for shade all in a week's time.

  • And last but certainly not least, the world lost Michael Jackson. Whatever will we do? Actually, I've always felt sorry for the poor man. He seemed very lonely and sad to me. He's just about the only thing on the t.v. and my kids are very curious about this legend that they don't have a clue about.
  • Halle says, "Why did he change his looks? He's so ugly. He looked best when he was normal." (If only the man would have known that himself.)
    And Kate refuses to believe that he's male. She keeps saying, "Is hims a girl?" She's so confused. Don't worry honey, I think we all are a little confused.


    "The Queen in Residence" said...

    My kids are right there with you, talk about what can go wrong when you do not like what your parents gave you and a Plastic surgeon willing to do anything for the almighty dollar. But still if you do not look and just listen he was really talented....

    Busy week for you. I am so sorry for your Dad and hope that he will be better soon.

    Natalie and Quin said...

    Kate kills me.

    Keys to the Magic Travel said...

    My girls are doing tennis, too.

    And it's freakin' hot. Upper 90's. And the humidity. You need a straw to breathe.

    becky ward said...

    i can't believe they filled up the pool on the tramp. hillarious! and your poor dad looks TOTALLY miserable in that picture. hope he recovers soon!

    i have yet to blog the reunion myself. kaylin was the first to get it done. go kaylin!

    Unknown said...

    Your poor dad!! That looks AWEFUL!!!!!!!!

    Lee Ann said...

    Oh your poor dad! Don't we all wish we had a good story when really we got that terrible, purple bruise when we simply misjudged our own body size and ran into the side of the cabinet?

    Spraying kids is ALWAYS fun!

    Looking forward to your Yellowstone pics.

    And Michael.....I've always felt sorry too....and yes, we're all confused!

    Tonya said...

    Poor has me being very nervous. I sure hope he gets feeling better.

    How creative making a trampopool. Callie said wow they are lucky. I can't put my pool on the trampoline. I sure wish I could go visit them.

    I know I always felt so sorry for Micheal Jackson... but what about poor Farah Fawcett...her death became lost in it all.

    Mama Williams said...

    That's quite the catching up post Lenes! I wish we could have been in Yellowstone for our reunion instead of Downata Hot Springs. It poured! Tent leaked. Air mattress...failed. I'm one tired Mama.
    Wish I could have had time to see ya.