Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Fun

Popsicles, flip flops, capris, Drive-In movies, thunderstorms, star gazing, sleeping in, camping, warm days and cool nights.

These are all things I love in the summer time. What do you love?

Also, I don't have a new recipe to post for T-I-T today, but I do have a couple I've tried in the last little while. Both of these recipes are worth mentioning.
Allisyn's Artichoke Chicken

Wendy's Glazed Pork


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I was actually thinking of doing a blog post about just this thing.

But my favorite thing about summer is pedicures :-)

Wendy said...

Five words:

No. early-morning. alarm. clocks!

The Shep's Herd said...

Amen...I love summer too. I agree with Wendy about alarm clocks too. Love the water party. how fun. You are a brave mom and a fun one too. Have a super summer.

Jennifer P. said...

fresh fruit and mowing my lawn!