Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back Yard Birds

Jarom surprised us all with a bird feeder so that we could use our scope and check out the birdies. I think the kids took about 100 pictures but we were able to narrow them down to a few of our favorites to share. They would get SO excited every time a bird would land on the feeder. They sat watching for a couple of hours. (Except Kate kept going out and scaring them away. She just wanted to hold one.)

The camera focused on the tripod and scope, but if you look past it you can see the little bird feeder. This is the view the camera gets without the scope.

And here's with. Look how you can even see the cute little birdie feet.

And here's one that I thought was really cool. The zoom was off so the camera caught the inside of the scope, but I like how it frames the bird.

The birds wasted no time emptying the feeder. The seed was gone in just over 24 hours. Time to fill it again, I think.


Jennifer P. said...

make sure you keep the squirrels away! I had a feeder out and the lengths that they would go to to try and jump onto it were HILARIOUS!

That scope is sooo cool!

Dawnyel said...

We saw some pretty neat looking birds the other day. I didn't know we had those around these parts! :P
Um, can you email me what you have planned for Sunday? I just thought about it this morning! :)

Mama Williams said...

I like that bird feeder! Where did Jarom find it? Is you leg feeling better? Battle scars? LOL!

Tonya said...

Wow how fun for the kids... That is great you don't have to have them right by the house but can still enjoy them.

We had a bird feeder in Cincinnati and loved it.

We had to take it down here.... It created something out of the movie Birds.... Too much of a good thing.

The CEO said...

We have a bird feeder, too. It's really fun, but watch your lawn. The birds will start eating seed in the lawn, and ours had some "bird damage". Also, watch your awnings. We've had a lot of birds try to build nests! Have fun!

Natalie and Quin said...

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Wendy said...

We've wondered what taking down all our backyard trees would do to our feathered visitors. We love seeing them.

Not a thing changed, except we noticed we have a woodpecker that now comes and visits every week or so. He looks JUST like the Woody Woodpecker cartoon character! LOL

I get a kick outta bird watching...does that make me an old fogie?

Lula! said...

I have a bird feeder hanging over some shrubs in my yard. They are subsequently covered in bird shadoobie. All. The. Time.

Just so you know.

Please love me and my randomness.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Do you get squirrels? We don't feed the birds. Because of the squirrels. Which I despise...