Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gregg Manwaring Reunion 2009

We had a great time and after an initial hail storm from well...hell, (I crack myself up) we had beautiful weather. No one got majorly injured and that's always a success. We saw a record number of animals, including bison, a big horn sheep, several foxes (one that came right up to our picnic table), a grizzly and her cub (so cool), coyote, mice, deer, elk, all types of birds, and even a snake. Hooray for a successful 2009 reunion!

The Murdoch boys were kind enough to teach Alyssa and Carter how to fish. Justin, Jarom's brother, came along too and promptly fell into the creek. (Okay, he was trying to jump and his foot slipped.) I think getting wet is one of Justin's talents. Oh man, it was so funny!

While I was turned laughing at poor Justin's expense, I failed to realize that Alyssa heard the splash and had a panic attack. She took off running, full speed through the marshy meadow and managed to lose both her shoes. (Losing shoes is Alyssa's special talent.) I tried not to laugh at her, but I just couldn't help it. She was in tears from shoe loss and an adrenalin rush and I was in tears from laughing so hard. We searched and searched, but never did manage to find one of the shoes. If you ever go to Yellowstone and see a pink Croc floating down the stream, think of Alyssa.

Blake and Missy

Katie and Izzy

The Ward's, Justin, and Ellie

The kids in front of the Roosevelt Arch. The original entrance to Yellowstone.

The kids at Artist Point of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon.

Driving and sight seeing in Yellowstone is exhausting. You have to catch a nap wherever you can. And if it happens to be on top of your brother, so be it.

The falls on Firehole River. You can't tell from the picture very well, but this is right on the edge of a cliff. It was a little nerve wracking with all those little kids running around, but thankfully everyone stayed safe. (And no one got bit by the chipmunk that would climb right into their hands. But we won't talk about that....)

When Blake and Missy took their tent down, they discovered a mama mouse had made a buffalo fur nest and delivered about a dozen baby mice right underneath them. (That little pink spot on the left is one of the babies.) I think Missy was a little grossed out by it.

But the kids couldn't get enough of looking at the pile of pink babies. With the tent gone, I was afraid someone would accidentally step on the nest, and that would have made me throw up. So we made a nice little shelter out of logs and branches.

I couldn't help but smile at Kate trying to take Truman by the hand. Usually she's taking everything away from him, not helping him. So this little scene was too cute.

The kids in the Old Faithful Lodge.

And now, the view of the parents on the other side of the lodge.

The fam waiting for Old Faithful to go off.

I've seen Old Faithful blow more times than I can count. I somewhat take it for granted. I decided this time that I ought to get a picture of it going off for my book.

We had a little excitement on the way home. We were playing a VERY competitive game of "ABC's" (which I won, but I won't brag about it) and we got so into it, we forgot to get off at an exit to get gas. So yah...we ran out, but luckily were able to coast within a 1/4 of a mile of a gas station.


Trish said...

I have not been over here in forever! I'm sorry!

Your family reunions are something I envy.....that looks like so much fun and the stories you have to tell are hilarious. And right now I am laughing that you RAN OUT OF GAS!!

I'm off ot get caught up, I've been in a bloggy slump lately.

Trish said...
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Natalie and Quin said...

Wow, you ran out of gas?! That is funny!

Lula! said...

I've never been to Yellowstone...
you've now convinced me. We must add it to our list of Griswold Family Adventures.

(Yeah, we watch a lot of Vacation...European Vacation...Christmas Vacation, et. al.)

p.s. Loved the shot of Old Faithful...but the one of your kids asleep was my favorite.

Lee Ann said...

looks like lots of fun. Well, except for the baby mice....I would have thrown up even if they didn't get stepped on. And all the kids on the edge of the cliff...ya, I would have freaked there as well. But you made me laugh at the end....nothing like a good "running out of gas" story.

CB said...

What is not to love about Yellowstone and to visit it with family is even better!!

The mice babies - a little sick but I can see how the kids would be fascinated :D

Wendy said...

Elena, I loved your Yellowstone adventures. The picture of sleeping on brother's head was my favorite. LOL

Can't believe you ran out of gas! Too funny. You had a great attitude throughout the reunion adventure...

Tonya said...

How fun....What a great get away. I'm glad you weren't too far from a gas station though.

Wonderful pictures... That is amazing about the momma mouse.

The Shep's Herd said...

Wow you had a fun filled adventure. Mice and everything. It looked like great fun. I love Yelowstone. We just discoved firehole falls our last trip. It is so pretty but your right...its on a cliff and a nerve racking for a mom. You just crack me up. I love reading your blog and hearing your sense of humor.

Jennifer P. said...

oh fun to finally hear about this---and to see Becky and her cute belly!

The mice grossed me out a bit :P