Saturday, February 07, 2009

I Survived

A movie (Another Cinderella Story with the girl from Wizards of Waverly Place), candy, pizza, and lots of (VERY LOUD) little girls, made for an eventful night last night.

I survived the movie night with a bunch of giggly little girls. Now we wait to hear if the men survived their night in the snow cave.

Actually Jarom called me at about midnight and the men were laughing and hooting and carrying on just as badly as the girls had been. I think it's fair to say they had a good time.


Janelle said...

Looks like my kind of party- candy, pizza, and a girly movie- PERFECT!

Deanna said...

how fun!!! you ARE the BEST mom!!!

Lee Ann said...

Oh those girls can be sooo loud! The squeeling! :-)

I attempted a little sleepover a couple of weeks ago when Steve was gone. I think it lasted til about 9 before the friend started crying and I called grandpa to come and get her :-)

becky ward said...

i'm impressed! and all those goodies look DELICIOUS!

The Wolfs said...

I finally found your blog so now i can keep good track of you! Way to go so proud of you! Your girls will think you are the coolest mom ever! I don't think Xan would think that is so fun but that is so fun for you! We need to have another girls outing again - you are so cute and so fun to hang out with.
Have a Happy day
love beckie

Brenda said...

I am so glad you posted about this! I was about to ask you how it went and what you did, since I promised my girls one in two weeks! I am a little nervous, they wanted to invite a lot of people! Hopefully I will survive, and thanks for the cute treat ideas! Looks like a ton of fun!

Miki said...

I completely forgot about all of this excitement. Is it bad that now that I've known you for so so very long, that I look at this as "old hat" for you? I think, "well, that's my Elena". I'm not even surprised anymore. I simply cannot believe all of the amazing social things you and Jarom do with and for your kids. It truly is amazing. I hope your kids never take it for I have started doing!

Truly, I hope it went well...but I'm imagining a few headaches were in order. Nonetheless...memories are always worth it, even when it involves lots and lots of girly squealing.

lol...oh man.

Miki said...

....."MY" Elena...oh brother....!